Alex Bardoul : Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours (BMS(HONS))

Alex Bardoul


Rowing has been a part of Alex’s life ever since he started the sport in his first year at high school. A former prefect at Hamilton Boys’ High, Alex has a number of achievements to his name including winning the Maadi Cup in the U18 men’s eight, the Springbok Shield in the U18 men’s four, and representing New Zealand in the Junior World Championships landing fourth place in the men’s coxed four. In 2014 he won a silver medal in the men's coxed four at the U23 Rowing World Championships, and in 2015 Alex was selected in the NZ Elite men's coulees four that competed at the World Champs in France. In 2016, whilst injury has prevented Alex from engaging in competitive rowing, he completed the Tour of Southland as part of the Vantage Windows and Doors Team. This was a huge challenge and one of his proudest achievements. Although injury has continued to hinder a return to rowing at the top level, he continues to work hard on his rehabilitation and his personal development in other areas. He is on track to complete his BMS (Hons) degree at the end of this year.

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