Cian Gardner : Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts (BTCHG/BA)

Cian Gardner


Cian Gardner is in her fourth year of her Conjoint degree. She is studying towards a Bachelor of Secondary Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in Theatre and English. She was the Head Girl of Melville High School and graduated in 2013. Cian has been fortunate to be involved in a range of shows here in Hamilton; including, Blue Stockings (2015), Eurydice (2015), Life Music (2016), Orlando (2016), Dis(connect) (2017). Cian is interested in developing a space here in Hamilton for Maori and Pasifika based storytelling. In 2018 she has begun working as a Maori Student Mentor in the Faculty of Education, and a tutor for the first year Theatre Studies paper. She looks forward to seeking new opportunities to build an ensemble within her community and create theatre together.

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