Daniel Franks : Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies (BMCT)

Daniel Franks


Daniel Franks is a 24 year old BMX athlete born and raised in Christchurch, NZ. At the age of 5 he begged his parents if he could have a go at the local BMX track and hasn't looked back since. After finishing at Cashemere High School, he moved to the Waikato in 2013 to train at the new Avantidrome with the rest of the New Zealand High Performance BMX Squad, and decided to begin his varsity studies too. He has nearly completed his study of a Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies, with goals of becoming a cinematographer. He currently runs his own videography company, Play Creative, fulltime with his partner doing a bunch of work in sport and the community. Daniel's career highlights include finishing 10th at the 2013 BMX World Championships and being named Reserve for the 2012 Olympic Games.


2016 National Championships - 30/01/2016
2nd at the 2016 National Championships
The event was held in Pukekohoe, Auckland at NZ's only BMX Supercross track
I made a tactical move in the first corner to put me in the lead. I lead the lap for the majority of the race but unfortunately got just passed at the line.
World Cup #1 - 26/03/2016
61st at 2016 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup #1

I had been putting in a huge effort of off season training this year, and I was feeling really good coming into the event. I have been based in the USA for the 5 weeks prior for training and racing. I had been posting personal best times leading into the race but I did not make the dots join up on the day. Back to hard training!
USABMX National Round - 21/02/2016
Quarterfinal finish at the Florida round of the 2016 USABMX National series.

It was my first race in the USA for the season and my first race in partner with my new sponsor.
I rode really well through qualifying to put myself in the quarterfinal, but a collision down the first straight ending in a mechanical faliure, forced me to pull out of the race costing me a chance of advancing any further for the day.
9th - BMX National Championships - 15/04/2017

Held in Te Awamutu, the 2017 National Championships were a wet one! It rained heavily through the week and on race day. After having a little bit of downtime from racing and training leading into this event, I didn't have many expectations of result. I was looking forward to just getting out there and racing my 14th National Championships. I finished 9th for the day in Elite Men, and kept myself in one piece which was a win in my books!

14th - Crankworx Air Downhill - 02/04/2017

I have always ridden a MTB bike since I was a kid, but from racing BMX professionally the last few years I didn't get to do any racing. I was excited to get some MTB racing at the Rotorua Crankworx stop in 2017. The event is a world reknown event that has many stops over the globe, and has been to Rotorua for the last 3 years. I haven't managed to compete in previous years, so this was my first event in Air DH. Among a field of prosfessional Downhill racers I finished 14th, which was awesome for my first MTB race in a number of years. I aim to compete in the same event next year and get that number a little lower.

26th - Crankworx Enduro Challenger - 31/03/2017

The Enduro Challenger event is a day long event where riders compete on 4 Downhill stages, but have to ride themselves up to the start line. It involves the skill of Downhill, with the fitness of Cross - Country racing. This event is completely different from what I normally do, with a BMX racing being over in 35 seconds, so 6 hours in the saddle was tough! I finished 26th for the day in the open men class, but I was more stoked to have finished the course in allocated time, it was a tough day!

9th - BMX Northern Region Championships - 25/02/2018

9th (with a broken wrist) - 17-25 Male

4th - BMX Cambridge Twilight - 17/11/2017

4th - 17+ Male Superclass

25th - Crankworx Pumptrack - 22/03/2018

25th - Elite Men

23rd - Crankworx Dual Slalmon - 20/03/2018

23rd - Elite Men

14th - Crankworx Air Downhill - 21/03/2018

14th - Elite Men (Same result as last year)

3rd - BMX National Championships - 30/03/2018

3rd - 25-34 Male

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