Georgia Nicholls : Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Georgia Nicholls


Georgia is currently in her third year studying towards a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Philosophy. She graduated 2nd equal in her year group at ACG Strathallan College in 2015 and has since enjoyed studying at the University of Waikato. During her first year she was involved in a number of dance events and performances but perhaps the most humbling and rewarding, was working with Karen Barbour towards performing at the Tertiary Dance Festival in Auckland. The dance performance highlight of her second year was learning and performing a piece for the professional dance show, "Handmade - dance stories from here and now". She also had the privilege of receiving a Summer Research Scholarship in philosophy over the Summer 2017/2018 period. This year she aspires to continue working towards a career in philosophy whilst using her role as co-president of the Unity Dance Club to promote dance in the university community.


Won First Place at a Dance Competition - 05/02/2016

I won first place at a National Ceroc Competiton held at St Cuthbert's College for the Professional-Amateur category. This involved random pairing of Newcomer dancers (myself) and Professional dancers who would dance together competitively for one of, if not the first time, on stage together. This was my first time competing in this category and I was really excited to have the opportunity to be dancing with a professional.

Dance Workshops - 05/02/2016

At a Ceroc dance competition and workshop weekend held at St Cuthbert's College, I took part in multiple workshops held by renowned dancers across New Zealand and also from overseas. Being a newcomer at the time, I was fortunate enough to be moved up from this category to Intermediate level. This allowed me to learn from Australian dancers, Zac Skinner, Matthew Fairburn and Emma Keating. Their diverse dance background gave me a wealth of knowledge to learn from and a great challenge as a dancer.

Performing at Tertiary Dance Festival - 27/06/2016

Being able to perform at the Tertiary Dance Festival with the dance scholars was an awesome experience. Karen, the other scholars and I worked very hard on choreographing and perfecting a 6 minute contemporary piece. Considering we are not full time professional dancers who were performing alongside dancers of this calibre, I was really proud of the finished work. I felt we held our own and were able to present a work to be proud of.

Tertiary Dance Festival Workshops - 27/06/2016

Participating in the Tertiary Dance Festival workshops allowed me to learn from a variety of renowned dancers with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I was able to try dance genres I had no experience in whatsoever which was really interesting. For example, learning Maori dance with rakau from Charles Koroneho was a completely new and interesting learning experience. 

Gabriel's Special Topic Choreographic Project - 26/10/2016

Being involved with Gabriel Baker's special topic choreographic project was an awesome opportunity for me to learn from a highly experienced and creative dancer whilst also contributing my own ideas to the piece. This involved myself, Gabriel and another dance scholar, Courtney. We met weekly for 2 or 3 months and worked on a contemporary spoken word dance with the idea of Women's Rights in mind. I really enjoyed this experience and felt I learned a lot from both of the girls throughout the process.

Second Place at Waikato Ceroc Championship - 05/05/2017

I competed at the 2017 Waikato Ceroc Championships and won 2nd place in the Adam and Eve category.  I had to dance with someone I had never met before and at a more advanced level than me. It is a competition open to anyone in New Zealand and people come from all parts of the country, but most competitors are from Waikato, Auckland and Christchurch.

Performing in "handmade" professional dance show - 21/09/2017

In September of 2017 I had the opportunity to learn a piece choreographed by Karen Barbour, called, "Take Five" and perform this in a professional dance show, "handmade -dance stories from here and now" at the Meteor Theatre in Hamilton. This was a really intriguing piece to learn, as the time signature was 5/4 which presented a new and interesting challenge -both mentally and physically. I enjoyed both the performance opportunity, and the chance to watch and learn from various professional dance pieces that were performed in the show. 

Summer Research Scholarship - 31/10/2017

I was very excited to receive a Summer Research Scholarship in philosophy from late October to early February. My supervisor, Dan Weijers, who is interested in the philosophy of happiness and wellbeing, taught me a lot about experimental philosophy in this domain. I had the privilege of co-writing an article with him, which is currently at full draft stage. We are hoping to submit this to the Utilitas Cambridge Philosophy Journal. 

TEDxRuakura Salon - 28/03/2018

I was very fortunate to be asked to speak about the work I did over the summer at a TEDx Salon event. This was a great opportunity for me to develop my public speaking skills and present for an internationally recognised organisation, even if it was for one of their less prestigious events. I was also able to network with the other speakers and learn about their backgrounds which was a really great experience. The other two student speakers were studying at PhD level at the University of Waikato. It was a humbling experience to speak alongside them, as they are much further along in their studies. 

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