Jack McGarvie : Bachelor of Science (BSC)

Jack McGarvie

Musical Theatre

Former Lindisfarne College student and prefect Jack McGarvie has been involved in musical theatre for seven years. After joining his primary school choir and dance group, he became heavily involved in all aspects of musical theatre and continued his involvement throughout high school. Jack says the range of different characters, genres and music continues to amaze him, but what he enjoys most about musical theatre is the ability to connect with the audience and convey a message. Being able to connect with audiences comes with its challenges and Jack says combining dancing, singing and acting to become a triple threat performer is one of the harder aspects of musical theatre. Jack’s biggest accomplishments to date include winning his school’s House Rock competition, attaining his advanced diploma in performance speech and drama, and earning the roles of Banzai and Simba in the Lion King Jr. He one day hopes to perform on Broadway and to research genetic engineering. Jack will study a Bachelor of Sciences majoring in biochemistry. I am now in my second year of a Bachelor of Science (BSc) majoring in Biochemistry, whilst studying singing under Stephanie Acraman and Ian Campbell. Have recently become a part of the student council for the conservatorium of music and have a buddy under the Hillary Scholarship. I will be looking to get out there more this year and perform more regularly.

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