Jonathan Mayer : Bachelor of Engineering (BE(Hons)) /Certificate in Musical Performance (Organ)

Jonathan Mayer

Music (Organ)

Jonathan is a former Chapel Prefect, Deputy Head of Fitchett House and Student Organist from St Paul’s Collegiate School, Hamilton. Having played piano from a young age, when given the opportunity to learn the Organ at school he made the most out of this opportunity and finished his last year by performing the Suite Gothique by Léon Boëllmann on the Auckland Town Hall Organ for his NCEA Level 3 Music performance. Having been a member of, as well as conducting, multiple music groups and the choir he is looking to continue his development as an organist by taking on the role of an Organ Scholar at St. Peter's Cathedral. Jonathan's most recent achievements include being a recipient of a 2016 University of Waikato "Emerging Talent" Blues Award and passing his Trinity Grade 8 Organ exam with merit. Despite this focus on music his main goal is to continue his 2nd year studies in Mechanical Engineering alongside his Music Certificate at Waikato.


Trinity College London Grade 8 with Merit (Organ) - 11/11/2016

Event: Trinity College London Grade 8 Examination in Music Performance. 

Location: Hamilton, St. Peter's Cathedral 

Date: 11th November 2016

An Internationally recognized achievement, the first examination undertaken on the Organ by Jonathan was a huge success and will be a great foundation to build on in the future. 

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