Katie Trigg : Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences/Bachelor of Music (BCMS/BMUS)

Katie  Trigg


Katie Trigg was first inspired to start singing after watching a movie about a busker when she was seven. Katie decided to give it a go and has been singing ever since. She first started taking lessons when she was eight and has been trained as a classical singer. She usually performs as a soloist but has also sung with groups such as the New Zealand Secondary Students Choir, Opera Lovers, and the Honors Performance Series Women’s Choir. Her biggest achievements to date include being selected to sing in the 2017 Honors Performance Series Women’s Choir at Carnegie Hall, and being selected as a soloist to sing during the grand finale of the international choral Kathaumixw in Canada in 2016. Katie aspires to be an internationally employed opera singer. She will study a conjoint degree of BMUS/BCMS - Performance Voice and Computer Science.

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