Khaysharn Kingi-Takoko : Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Khaysharn Kingi-Takoko

Māori Performing Arts

Nau mai haere atu eenei kupu whakamaanawa Ki te maatuatua taangata e raahiri mai ana E ea ai te werawera o rae kuureherehe maa, me heke te werawera o Taane-te-waananga Taatou e oke nei, ki te hoe! Tookihi! I am both humbled and privileged to be a part of the Sir Edmund Hillary movement as we voyage again, but now through the tides of 2017. This year at the University of Waikato I am studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Te Reo Maaori, with various supporting subjects. The unquenchable thirst for excellence lie both in the learning and teaching of Kapa Haka and Te Reo Maaori. The path I have taken would not have been followed through, nor possible without the guidance of my many tutors, teachers, Kura, waananga and family through the years. I am involved with Primary, Secondary and Senior Kapa Haka every year and aspire to perform just as good in the field of education. Following this degree, with the unconditional help of this scholarship, I hope to strengthen my knowledge for Kapa Haka and Te Reo Maaori, to travel and exchange cultures with other aspiring indigenous people and to finally give back to the people who gave unwilling to me. Me taunahua ka oke, me papatoiake ka taea Ko te rite kia rite!

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