Missy Mooney : Master of Arts (MA)

Missy Mooney


Miriam (Missy) Mooney is as comfortable backstage as she is onstage. Missy has completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Theatre Studies and English and is now working towards her Masters in Theatre Studies. Last year Missy was involved in several local productions both onstage and off. One of her favorite roles to date was that of Tess Moffat in the 2015 Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship Programme and Carving in Ice production of Blue Stockings. The former Hillcrest High School student is also a founding member of the Hamilton children’s theatre company Stories and More. She knows her career will involve the theatre in some way. She sees theatre as a way to help change and impact communities; a vehicle both for entertainment and education that has the power to bring people together and create discussion. On a personal level, theatre may be time consuming for Missy, but when the going gets tough, especially during rehearsal, she focuses on the end product and the enjoyment a performance can bring to the audience and herself when she does the job well.

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