Samuel Pomana : Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (BE(Hons))

Samuel Pomana


Sam has enrolled into a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours Degree as a first year student in 2016, looking to specialise in Mechanical Engineering. His most recent and significant sporting achievements include: First place in the 2016 NZ National Wakeboarding Championships in the Mens under 19's division, including this victory at the 2015 National competition also; First place at the 2015 North island championships in the under 19 mens division, and placing second in 2016 in the same event. Sams greatest career highlights are winning back to back at the 2015 and 2016 National Champs, and being selected for the 2015 World Wakeboarding Championships as a part of Team New Zealand , to travel to Cancun Mexico. Unfortunately he was unable to make this commitment but has large ambition to reach the world championships in the years to come. this is one of his largest goals, but other goals that Sam has set include winning at the National wake boarding championships in the open mens division in the future, and making it to Florida and Australia in the next couple of seasons to receive some professional coaching and to get a real life view and feel of what wake boarding is like in the rest of the world. over the winter between the 2016 and 2017 seasons, Sam has set small goals of certain tricks and skills to be developed and perfected by the time competitions come back around, as he is going to be the newest rookie into the Open Mens division. Future aspirations he has are around spreading wake boarding around the community and country as much as he can, to try and push the sport, maximising New Zealand's chances of climbing the international ladder in wake boarding. Sam is already giving back to the sport on a small scale by working in the summer time at a watersport park in Central Hawkes Bay, where he runs the park and coaches some beginners and intermediate riders. In giving back to the sport on this small scale, he wishes to become a proper coach of the sport to share his knowledge with others to expand theirs. at High School, Sam was a Sport House leader, where he led hundreds of students to fun sporting competitions against the other Houses in the school.


North Island Wakeboarding Championships 2016 - 28/02/2016

Unfortunately placing second in the North Island Champs after being first place last year. I was beaten because I did not perform to my full potential for whatever reason that was, and also the first place rider improved very much and outperformed me. Still happy with second place but I was ultimately after the top of the podium. This will cause me to train harder and more for my next competition to redeem myself. Although I doubt myself for not reaching my goal, it is still a great achievement and I also know what must be done to better my performance.

BackPaddock Lakes Cable vs. Wake Competition - 24/01/2016

1st Place in the Junior Mens division in both the Cable and Wake sections, holding my title for first place two years in a row. i picked up a new sponsor, SPY Optics, who will help support me with pushing wake boarding in New Zealand and also push me to better my performance to reach goals.

Boards n' BBQ's Wakeboarding competition - 12/03/2016

Gained first place in this competition for the third year run a row which I'm very pleased with. it was the closest final i have had ever and was lucky to take top place. this was my last year able to compete in the competition as it is an under 19 years old competition so I'm stoked to have finished on a good note. i have redeemed myself from the North Islands where i placed second after a shocking riding and am looking forward to much more intense training before Nationals in april.

New Zealand National Wakeboarding Championships 2016 - 02/04/2016

after an extensive amount of training put into my own training throughout the off season and during summer, i am very very pleased to have placed first in the under 19 mens division at Nationals for the second year in a row. my two ultimate goals of the season were to place first in all of the competitions, including Nationals. To win this event and hold the title for my final year in the class, it blows me away to know how far i have come in a few years. I have received another new sponsor by a brand called "Follow Wake" and this is due to my performance and committment to the sport through the 2016 season. I dedicate all of my hard training and results from this season, to my mother who sadly passed away late in 2015. 

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