2013 Inaugural Professorial Lecture Series - Professor Christopher Branson

17 Sep 2013 6:00 PM

Leadership for the Future: Has leadership theory lost its way?

Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Ghandi - we know the names, but do we know what makes them, and people like them, good leaders? Such a question is the focus of Education Professor Chris Branson's upcoming Inaugural Professorial Lecture.

Chris lectures in educational leadership and is interested in the theoretical and practical skills required of good leaders. To this end, he describes three types of leaders; transactional, transformational and, a term he has coined, 'transrelational'.

Transactional leaders typify those common during the World Wars; the war hero, the army general, the expert. Churchill, who was directive and authoritative in his approach, is an example, says Chris. The transformational leaders are the Ghandi's of the world, who care and lead people to create change and build capacity.

"The transrelational leader is someone who encourages understanding and empathy amongst others. These leaders create opportunities for people to work together harmoniously and encourage and celebrate people's differences." He says this style of leadership aims to create a society that is socially just and inclusive.

Tickets: Free event - open to the public