Professorial Lecture - Eva Collins

11 Oct 2022 5:45 PM

Everywhere you look, our planet bears the devastating scars of climate change and environmental pollution. Businesses have often been the culprits behind this damage, but increasingly today’s business leaders are speaking up and taking steps to improve the sustainability of their company’s products and services.

In her Professorial Lecture on 11 October, ‘Will business ever be truly sustainable?’Professor Eva Collins from the University of Waikato’s Management School will discuss how businesses have engaged with sustainability -- sometimes effectively, and sometimes with negative results.

The Professorial Lecture Series introduces the University’s newest professors to the community and gives them a chance to demonstrate how their work is having a real impact on the world around us.

Professor Collins is an internationally recognised expert on management and sustainability issues. Her research addresses some of the tensions that exist between traditional business models based on continual economic growth, and sustainability concepts focused on the renewal of scarce natural resources.

“It’s still quite controversial to this day for business to play a role in sustainability and biodiversity initiatives, which is pretty crazy when you think about it,” she says.

“But in this new era of hyper-transparency, it’s becoming much harder for businesses to hide their environmental and social misdeeds from the public. For example, ignoring your company’s carbon emissions is no longer an option for New Zealand exporters who want to access international markets.”

In her talk, Professor Collins will highlight a number of key sustainability trends she expects to see in the business world over the next decade.

Event details:
This 45-minute Professorial Lecture start at 5.45pm. Opus Bar will be open from 5.15pm to enjoy a drink prior to the lecture starting.

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