Jo Torr - Transit of Venus III

Costume & Causetelling stories, celebrating strength

28 MAY—20 AUG 2021 Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts / Foyer Galleries

Artists Victoria McIntosh, Shona Tawhiao and Jo Torr. Curated by Liz Cooper.

Costume & Cause explores contemporary New Zealand makers inspired by female clothing and accessories and telling stories with strong political themes, examining conflict and discord, and celebrating strength, endurance, skill and ingenuity in feminine contexts.

Victoria McIntosh, Shona Tawhiao and Jo Torr explore 21st century issues through intriguing, spectacular and thoughtful use of techniques such as embroidery, beading, raranga and cloth weaving, pattern cutting and construction, hand and machine stitch.

Victoria Macintosh Fat Pants 2020
Jo Torr Britannia 2012
Shona Tawhiao - work in progress

Made possible with the generous assistance of a grant from Creative New Zealand.

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