Notes to the Financial Statements

Note 23: Key Management Personnel Compensation

The compensation of the members of Council, Senior Leadership Team, Finance Committee and Risk Management Committee, being the key management personnel of the entity, is set out below:

This Year Last Year
$ $
Short-term employee benefits 4,525,795 2,950,588
Councillor Remuneration 83,557 80,694
Post-employment benefits 200,527 142,892
Termination benefits * 0 194,058
Total 4,809,879 3,368,232

* These amounts include the salary and contractual payments that are part of the standard entitlements of the staff involved and other amounts that were negotiated as part of the termination settlement.

During 2010 a change in the management committee structure has resulted in a broadening of the key management personnel definition within the University. The numbers of key management personnel reported above have increased from 33 in 2009 to 47 in 2010.

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