4. Outcome Framework

The outcomes to which the University of Waikato contributes can be represented as follows:

National Outcome

  • A productive and growing economy that delivers greater prosperity, security and opportunities for all New Zealanders

Tertiary System Outcomes

  • A world-leading tertiary education system that enriches people’s lives, increases their employment opportunities and helps to build a productive skills base to drive economic growth.
  • Relevant and efficient tertiary education provision that meets the needs of students, the labour market and the economy.

University of Waikato – Major Outcomes

  • Ongoing knowledge transfer, through teaching that is research-informed.
  • Cohorts of graduates with world-class skills and knowledge, equipped to meet current and future labour and workforce demand and social needs, with an increasing proportion progressing to postgraduate level and achieving critical thinking skills that are vital to innovation.
  • Steadily increasing quantum and quality of high-quality research that builds on New Zealand’s knowledge base, responds to the needs of the economy and addresses environmental and social challenges, with increasing success in applying knowledge for commercial use and to address social and environmental concerns.
  • Increasing tertiary education success for Māori.

University of Waikato

Strategic Planning Framework
(see section 5)

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