Parking fees and transport options

The most sustainable, healthy and affordable way to get to campus is to walk, cycle or take the bus. But we understand these options aren’t always a possibility so if you need to park your car on the Hamilton campus, here are some things to know.

Parking rates and times

Parking charges apply on the Hamilton campus Monday–Friday, 8.30am–4.30pm (except public holidays). General parking outside of these times is free. Motorcycle parking is free at all times in the designated M/C parking areas. You can use the free PayMyPark app to pay parking fees, or pay online at the PayMyPark website. You can choose from a range of options including daily, weekly and trimester parking.

You cannot park in a numbered/named park because these are reserved for permit holders at all times (clamping fees apply).

The charges below do not include PayMyPark service and transaction fees.

General parking

One day (24 hours from time of purchase)

One week* (seven consecutive days from time of purchase) $6
Student A, B & C Trimester concessions
One trimester* – purchased using PayMyPark  (expires at the end of the semester) $60
Halls of Residence student permits*
One year Halls of Residence reserved permit (limited spaces) – available by applying at the Accommodation office (expires at the end of Trimester B) $350

*Weekly and trimester parking concessions and Halls permits don’t guarantee you a parking spot if the carparks are full. The trimester option is only available to current students enrolled at the University of Waikato and is not applicable to staff members. See staff parking options.

Where to park and how to pay

  1. Find a park in any of the general parking areas in Gates 1, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b or 10 (see map). You cannot park in a numbered/named park because these are reserved for permit holders at all times (clamping fees apply).
  2. Download the PayMyPark app or visit the PayMyPark website
  3. Create an account and upload credit via credit card or internet banking
  4. Select the University of Waikato from PayMyPark's location list
  5. Select your parking option
  6. Enter your licence plate number
  7. If you have chosen timed parking, select a duration
  8. Pay using your account balance or with a one-off credit card transaction.

You do not need to display anything in your car.

If you have any questions about using PayMyPark, check out the PayMyPark FAQ.

Staff parking

Staff can choose to pay for a reserved Numbered Park, or an annual Licence to Hunt (LTH) permit that allows them to continue parking in the designated staff parking areas - see the FAQs for more details. Staff can also choose to use PayMyPark and park in the general parking areas if they don’t bring their car to campus regularly. Work out the best option for you.

Carpool to campus

Carpooling saves you money by splitting the cost of driving and parking among several commuters. It’s also a good way to meet new people, and better for the environment.


The University provides preferential parking areas in Gates 1 and 10 for people that share rides to campus. These parking spaces are labelled as reserved for registered RideLink permit holders. RideLink can also put you in touch with other staff and students offering or looking for a ride in your area. Find out more about RideLink.

Let’s Carpool

Let's Carpool, a national carpooling scheme, makes it easy to find other commuters in your area. This is a public site that will put you in touch with other drivers/passengers who use a similar route. Find out more or register at Let's Carpool.

Catch the bus to campus

There are currently several bus routes that come to or near the University.

  • Route 13 (University) and Route 17 (Ham East/Uni) go between the city Transport Centre to the heart of the campus near the shops.
  • The Orbiter service circles the city clockwise and anti-clockwise and stops on Knighton Road outside Gate 2.
  • Route 2 (Silverdale) stops a short distance from the campus on Hillcrest Road (near St John’s College)
  • The Cambridge Route 20 also stops a short distance from campus, near the Hillcrest Warehouse.

Visit to find out more about bus routes, fares and timetables.

Discounted Hamilton bus fares

Thanks to an agreement with the Waikato Regional Council, University staff and students receive a 30% subsidy on the normal BUSIT card fare. Just show your University of Waikato student or staff ID card to the driver.

Cycling and walking to campus

For those who live close to campus, cycling or walking is a cheap and sustainable transport option, and you’ll keep fit doing it. Hamilton City Council is constantly improving cycle and walk ways around and through the city.

The University has more than 1300 bike racks on campus. It also offers secure bike storage cages between G and R block, underneath L block, and on the ground level of C block. The bond for an access key ranges from $20-$50 per year which is refundable when it’s returned to the Security Office. To get access to a bike cage, call Security on 07 838 4444 or visit them in the BX building.  Showers and changing room facilities are also available at various locations around campus.

Contact us

If you have any questions that are not addressed in the FAQs above, contact us at [email protected]