Student profiles


Aminath Adam

The rich academic learning space Waikato provides to the doctoral candidates is remarkable. I have enriched my research knowledge through various discussions that have been offered in the university.

Sue Bass

I’ve enjoyed seeing how the theory is used in real-world scenarios – I use some of the methods I learn in class in my work.

Phillipa Cosgriff

One of my highlights was the opportunity to have thought-provoking discussions with other students. I found my studies so useful that I continued with a postgraduate diploma and a PhD.

Carlos Dobson

Beginning study after years of working without being in a tertiary learning environment has been an advantage and I’ve come at it with enthusiasm and insight.

Garth Edwards

When Garth Edwards, an ICU nurse for the past 15 years, relocated from Wellington to the Waikato, he took the opportunity to retrain as a teacher with the one year Graduate Diploma Primary programme.

Laisa Elisha

Laisa is a MEdLeadership student from the Solomon Islands. For her research she is studying how women school principals in the Solomon Islands perceive their role.

William Flavell

Fluent in Japanese and te reo Māori, the high school teacher and MEd graduate has a passion for shaping the hearts, minds and experiences of young people.

Phil Friar

It is back to school for Papamoa principal Phil Friar who is completing a Masters in Educational Leadership.

Scott Henderson

I love getting out and about and meeting tourism industry professionals, passionate education managers and awesome, enthusiastic international students, but most of all taking them on what is often the best experience so far in their young lives.

Sarah Martin

The kids motivate me. I do what I do because I truly know that a kid will walk in my door and their life will not be the same again. For whatever reason, whatever background they come from I know that I have something to offer them.

Ignasia Mligo

Knowing the importance of early childhood education, but wanting to know more, brought Tanzanian Ignasia Mligo to the University of Waikato to study for a PhD.

Eve Petcher

What I learnt, I use constantly. It was amazing to be educated by people who are well known in their field, who have written reputable books.

Karen Pohio

PhD student, Karen Pohio is researching the experiences and communications that occur between families and schools.

Daniel Popping

I prefer working in small groups, so doing a conjoint degree meant I was able to work alongside a tight-knit group of students, who all supported each other.

Chandra Poudyal

Chandra is a doctoral student is researching the power relational issues in Nepalese private schools. Chandra, who is from Nepal chose Waikato because it is considered one of the most prestigious universities in New Zealand.

Nick Powell

After 20 years of service with the Department of Corrections, Tauranga man Nick Powell felt an overwhelming need to do more to help the prisoners he worked with.

Cherry Smith

At the University of Waikato, I've found pathways to grow my love of teaching, developed a fascination with life transitions, and discovered a lot about myself along the way.

Gayleen Tarosa

Gayleen, who has been a teacher, deputy and acting principal in Vanuatu, wanted a postgraduate qualification that complemented her experience and broadened her knowledge. As a women educational leader, the MEdLeadership at Waikato fitted her requirements.

Melanie Taylor

For her thesis principal Melanie Taylor decided to research something she had first-hand experience of – starting up a new school from scratch.

Kerren Vali Vali

Since graduating with a MEdLeadership from Waikato, Kerren has secured her dream job.