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Attendance Activity

Note: The Attendance activity allows you to create graded, long-term attendance records to help maintain daily, weekly or monthly data of student attendance (complete with notes).

  1. Select Turn editing on.
  2. Select Add an activity or resource at the end of the section you want it in.
  3. Select Attendance from the Add an activity or resource menu and click Add.
  4. In the Adding a new Attendance form give the activity a name and description. For more information on the further optional settings refer to the Activity & Resource Settings Guide. If you would like to apply attendance to final grades, you can set up a grade value and assign Attendance activity a category.  Select Save and display.

  5. Select the Add session tab to create sessions for the Moodle paper.
  6. Type will allow you to include All Students or divide sessions into Groups if you have Groups setup previously. Set the Date and Time of the session. If you set Allow students to record own attendance you have the option to require them to enter a password to record attendance or only record attendance from certain computers, leave these blank if they aren’t needed. Add an optional Description if needed. 
  7. Select how often you want the session to recur for. Select Add to save.  
  8. The Sessions tab will display all of the sessions you create. From this tab, you can take attendance as well as delete or edit sessions. You can also use the Select tick box above the session list to make universal changes, such as delete all sessions.

    Actions provide the following functions:

    Take attendance for a session by clicking  next to the session.
  9. Mark the attendance of the students by selecting ‘P’ (Present), ‘L’ (Late), ‘E’ (Excused) or ‘A’ (Absent). 
    You have the option to add Remarks as needed. Then select Save attendance.

  10. In the Status set tab you can change the attendance variables. Points can be assigned to the variables and displayed in the class and individual student reports. If students are recording their own attendance add how many minutes after the session starts that this status is available. If empty it will always be available to students to record, if set to ‘0’ it will be hidden. 
  11. The Report tab provides an overview of the sessions. For a more detailed breakdown, you can  view reports based on other time frames by clicking: All; All past; Months; Weeks; Days; and Summary.
  12. View any Remarks by hovering over the information icon
  13. Export reports at any time by selecting the Export tab.
    Use the Group field if you want to export some users, to export the whole class attendance records, select All participants from the Group drop-down list.
    Use the Export specific users drop down list to indicate if you want to export a report for a specific student, chosen from the list.
    Use Identify student by tick boxes to customize your report.
    Use the following to customize your exported report: Select all session Include not taken sessions Include remarks Use the Start of period and End of period to indicate the date range for the report.
    From the Format drop-down list, select your download option.
    Select OK to perform export.

  14. The Temporary Users tab will enable you to allow a reliever who is a non-editing teacher in the paper to take the attendance. 
  15. Finally, If you have allowed students access to their attendance they can select the Attendance activity to view a report of their own attendance with access to different time frames for their attendance.
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