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Introduction to Activity Completion

Activity completion allows students to view how far along they are with the paper in terms of how many assignments, activities and lessons they have done. These appear in the sections of the paper underneath the activities and within the activities.

NOTE: Settings for activity competition can be found when setting up any activity (assignments, quizzes, readings files, etc) in the settings as well as the paper wizard. It can be turned on for any activity you would like completion on.

  1. In your paper select Manage Paper and then select Edit settings. 
    manage paper edit settings
  2. Enable Show activity reports and Show activity datesenable activity dates
  3. Go to the top right of your Moodle paper and select Turn editing on.
  5. Scroll to your assignment and select Edit.
  6. Select Edit settings.
  7. Scroll down to the Activity completion drop down.
  8. Select Show activity as complete when conditions are met in the completion tracking drop down section.
  9. Tick the appropriate settings. These settings control when the activity shows up as completed in the completion bar for students.
  10. Save changes by selecting Save and return to paper.
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