Importing questions in a quiz

1. Go onto the chosen paper.

2. Go to the right of the page and select Manage Paper.

3. Under Manage Paper, go to the bottom and select More... (cog icon).

4. In More... is the list within paper administration in which Question Bank exists

5. Within Question Bank select Import. This will redirect you to the window below.

6. Before you can add a file you need to check whether it is in the correct file format for it to be saved. The typical format is Aiken.

For information on how to format your quiz so you can import it, select the question mark beside Aiken format.

7. This question mark will open a little pop up window: select i More Help, which will redirect you to a Moodle help page about the Aiken format.This new page will contain information to help you format your quiz in Aiken or any other format you have chosen.

8. Once you have it in the correct format then Choose the file or Drag and drop. Then select Import.