Adding a multiple choice question

Note: This guide assumes you have already created a quiz activity in your course and now want to add a multiple choice question to the quiz. All the different question types have different editing screens, the Multiple Choice Question example listed here is only one example of question setup.

  1. Select Turn editing on in the top right-hand corner of your page.

  2. Select the quiz you would like to add the question to.
  3. Select the Edit quiz button.

  4. Select the Add link on the right-hand side of your window and then select add a new question.

  5. Select Multiple choice in the types of Questions list and Select Add.

  6. Provide a name for your question which is only visible to you as a teacher (it is helpful to name questions with a meaningful name in terms of the content they relate to, rather than generic names such Question 1, Question 2).

  7. Provide the text for the question which is only seen by the students.

  8. Next, provide the default mark that would be given when the answer is correct.


  9. Under the Answers section, you provide the answers for the multiple choice question.

  10. In each answer choice, you give a grade value to give different marks for different choices. Set the correct answer to 100% and leave the other answer grades as, for example, None (0%).


  11. Finally, scroll down and select Save changes or Save changes and continue editing. It will be automatically placed in the quiz you are editing.