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Creating a self sign-up tool for group activities

Group Choice is a Moodle sign-up option for tutorials or any other group activities.

Note: Although students can self-sign up once the activity has been set up, Group Choice requires at least a Co-teacher Moodle role to create and edit.

  1. First, Create the groups.
  2. Once you have created all the groups, go to your Moodle paper and select the red Turn editing on button on the top-right corner.
    turn editing on
  3. At the bottom left of the section where you want to create the Group choice, select Add an activity or resource .
  4. Select Group choice.
  5. Enter a Group choice name, e.g. Sign up for your tutorial, and edit other settings as required.
  6. To limit the number of students who can sign up to each tutorial or group activity,
    select Miscellaneous settings, then change Limit the number of responses allowed to Enable using the drop-down menu.  This displays a General limitation box.
    A. If you want all groups to have the same number of members, enter a  General limitation number and select Apply to all groups
    B. Leave this box blank and see step 12 below to enter or edit individual group limits.
  7. Scroll down to the Groups menu. In the Available Groups box, select the first group that you want to make available, then select Add Group. It will now appear in the Selected Groups box.

    Note: If you have several groupings (groups of groups) in your paper, you can select the grouping name and add all its groups at once, or Expand all groupings and select individual groups.
  8. If you have elected to Limit the number of responses allowed, but haven't selected a General limitation (see step 10), a box will appear to the right of Selected Groups. Enter or edit a Limit for your group here.

  9. Note:

    • Once the maximum number is reached, students will no longer be able to self-select into a group, but the teacher/lecturer can still add individual students to any group.
    • If you limit the number of responses but do not enter a maximum number for each group, the limit will remain at zero and those tutorials will appear to students to be full.
  10. Select and add all the groups that you want. To select or edit an individual limit for each group, first select its name in the Selected Groups box. Finally, scroll down and select Save and return to paper.
  11. Note: If the above options do not appear, make sure that you have added the Group choice activity, it is easily confused with the Choice activity.

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