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Submitting an assignment on behalf of a student

You may have students email you their assignment instead of submitting them through Moodle themselves, but you may still want this assignment to go through Turnitin. This page will guide you through the process of submitting an assignment on behalf of a student.

  1. Log into Moodle, go into you paper and select the assignment where the student's submission needs to be uploaded.
  2. In the assignment's page, select View all submissions.
  3. Find the student in question, and next to their red Grade button select the Edit drop-down menu, and select Edit submission.
  4. On the next page, drag and drop the student's assignment in the drop-box, or go find it in your computer by select the Add icon then Upload a file > Choose file in the pop-up window. Do not forget to select the red Save changes button to submit the assignment.
  5. Notes: The drop-box might be replaced or complemented by a plain text area, depending on the submission type settings of the assignment (see step 9 on this page).

    At this stage, the submission is a draft. You can let the student submit the assignment for grading themselves, or do it yourself (see next steps). This will prevent the student from making any changes to the submission.

  6. After selecting Save changes, you will be taken back to the assignment's page: select View all submissions again.
  7. Finally, go find the student again, and select the Edit drop-down menu. This time, different options appear: select Submit for grading.
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