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Provision the Panopto Block

To create a new Panopto folder for your paper

  1. Go to the paper where you want to add Panopto.
  2. Select Provision Course in the Panopto block (the Panopto block is in your paper by default).

  3. The wizard will automatically configure the Panopto Block.
  4. The configured Panopto Block will then display like this.

To connect to another existing Panopto folder

For example, you may want to record a lecture for a Hamilton paper and share it with your Tauranga paper.

  1. Select Turn editing on at the top of your Paper.

  2. Select edit on the Panopto block.

  3. Select Configure Panopto block.

  4. Select the paper you want to connect to from Select an existing Panopto folder

  5. Finally, select Save changes.