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Creating an Anonymous Discussion 

The purpose of this discussion is for students and lecturers to ask and reply to questions anonymously or to add a topic of conversation to reply anonymously.

1. Select Turn editing on at the top of the right hand corner

2. Once Turn editing on has been selected, select Add an activity or resource under the folder you wish to put the discussion, such as Paper Outline.

3. Then under Activities select Anonymous discussion and Add.

4. Discussions are very similar to Forums, the Discussion name and Description need to be added, then select the Discussion type. This will either be Standard Discussion or Question and Answer Discussion.

5. Then checking the Subscription mode, there are four options within this, I chose Auto Subscription as an example.

6. Then select Save and return to paper.

Your Discussion should look similar to this:

How to add a Topic after creating a Discussion:

1. From the Standard Discussion for general use, select Add a new topic

2. After selecting Add a new topic, it should show up similar to below, then you fill out Subject and Message

3. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and select Create post.

It should then appear similar to this, with the poster anonymous:

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