Adding a forum

The default for this activity is a Standard forum for general use. Students are able to start new topics, reply to the lecturer's posts and can see each other’s replies. See notes on Forum types later in this help page.

  1. Select the red Turn editing on button on the top right hand corner of your Moodle paper.

  2. Select Add an activity or resource to add this forum.

  3. Select Forum from the Add an activity or resource menu.
  4. Select the Add button.

  5. Give your forum a name.

  6. Change the Forum type if needed, forum types are described at the end of the document.

  7. In the Description write the purpose of the forum for students.

  8. Finally, select either Save and return to paper or Save and display.

Forum Types

  • A single simple discussion
    Only one topic, started by the lecturer, is allowed. This is best suited for short-term, focused conversations.
  • Each person posts one discussion
    Each student may start one new topic. Students are not limited in the number of replies they can post within those topics.
  • Q and A forum
    A lecturer posts one topic, for example, posing a question to students. Students must post their response before they can view other students’ responses.
  • Standard forum for general use
    Allows multiple topics arranged in a threaded conversation. Students may start new topics in this format.
  • Standard forum displayed in a blog-like format
    Allows multiple topics listed with the most recent topic at the top of the page and replies behind a link. Students may start new topics in this format.

Anonymising posts

If you would like responses to your question or statement to be anonymous, or for students to have the choice whether to be anonymous, select Edit settings and then select the Subscriptions and Tracking dropdown.

NOTE: it is still possible for the lecturer to identify who has made a post, but the identity of the student is not attached automatically to the post as it is with other forum types.