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The Dialogue Activity

The dialogue activity is a private communication space within a Moodle paper which allows private messages to be sent between lecturers and students, and between students enrolled in the paper.

Creating a Dialogue

  1. Select Turn editing on at the top right-hand side of your Moodle paper.

  2. Go to the topic or tab you wish to add a Dialogue to and select Add an activity or resource.

3. Click the Dialogue opposition from the activity picker.

4. Provide a Dialogue name and a short explanation for your students.

5. Finally, select Save and return to paper or Save and display.

Starting a conversation

  1. In your Moodle paper, select the Dialogue name.

  1. Select the Create button on the right-hand side to start a new conversation.

  1. Select Search potentials to find the person you wish to contact. Select the drop-down arrow to give you a list of people in the Moodle Paper for private conversations.

  1. If you wish to open duplicate conversations with more than one student, use the Bulk open rule. This opens individual conversations (with the same message) with a group of students or all participants in your paper.

    1. Select the Dialogue name and then select the Create button (as above).

    2. Select the Bulk open rule drop down menu. 

    3. Select the students to send the message to by selecting Search potentials or Group, and if future students should also receive this message. The required Cut off date will be the final date for new (future) students to enrol and receive this message.

  1. Write the message including a Subject, and the actual Message, and add any attachments if necessary.

  1. Finally, select Send or Save Draft if you wish to continue editing the message at a later date.

Note: there may be a short lag before conversations appear because they are created by a background Moodle function.

Replying to a conversation

  1. Select the View conversations tab and then select a conversation.

  1. In your reply, include a Message and any Attachments.

  1. Finally, select Send.

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