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Exam replacement

If you are thinking about replacing an exam with an alternative assessment, this page sets out some options.

If you have any questions about your assessment design or setting up your exam replacement in Moodle, you can contact the CeTTL team by joining an online Ask Me Anything session 9-10 am or 3-4 pm every weekday or logging a job on Kuhukuhu.

1. Create your exam replacement in Moodle

If you have a final assessment in place of an exam, in Moodle you can create:

(a) an assignment where students can upload a file,


(b) a Moodle quiz,


(c) a place for you to enter a mark for some other type of assessment. Create a Moodle assignment without file submission. (Select OTHER type if using the Moodle wizards.)

2. Check your settings

  • Check the weighting.
  • Check that the final assessment is not hidden in the paper OR in the Gradebook.
  • (a) If you want students to upload a file, check:
  • (b) If you want the students to take a quiz, check:
    • Is your final assessment setup as a quiz?
      • Yes:  Adjust to reflect the scheduled date and time
      • No: Delete the assessment item and replace it with a quiz

3. Delete your original exam assessment item

If you had previously created an assessment item in Moodle for your exam, remember to delete it.

4. Communicate the details to students

Post a message to the Announcements forum with details of the assessment: date, time, and type.

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