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Adding an IC to a paper

If students fail to complete a compulsory assessment item, use the code IC (incomplete)

When an IC is recorded against any assessment in Moodle, the student will fail the paper and an IC will be recorded as their final grade.

Compulsory items are marked on the paper outline. Compulsory means that students will fail the paper if they do not submit the assessment.

  1. Select Grades in the left-hand navigation for the paper you wish to add an IC.

  2. Select the IC Report tab.

    Moodle Grader report with "IC report" tab highlighted
  3. Select IC from the drop-down box under the relevant assignment, and alongside the student you want to give the IC for.

    IC report with dropdown menu selected. "IC" grade is highlighted.

    Changes in this tab are saved automatically.

  4. An email will be scheduled to notify the student once an IC has been given, as illustrated below.

    IC report view in Moodle, with notice "Schedule to be emailed" next to IC grade.
  5. These scheduled emails are sent at 5am each day.  If you remove the IC before 5am the following day, the email will not be sent.


The IC status only appears in the IC Report tab and the grade export - it does not appear on the Grader Report tab.

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