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Example gradebooks

Below are some examples of the Moodle gradebook. The links to demo courses allow you to view a Moodle course with the relevant gradebook setup.

Weighted items

Use calculations to assign weights to activities or items in the gradebook.

Demo course

Best of X

How to set up the Gradebook to use the highest of 'x' amount of activities for calculating the paper's final grade.

Demo course

Calculation: combine functions

The calculations function provided in the gradebook allows for built-in functions to be leveraged and even combined.

Demo course

Weighted mean of grades with extra credit

How to set up the Gradebook to allow the use of Extra Credit when using the Weighted Mean of Grades aggregation method.

Demo course

Highest ratio - 2:1 or 1:2

Using alternating rations to determine which is most favourable for the student.

Demo course

Non-graded items

For when you have activities such as formative quizzes or practise tests:

Gradebook Setup

Navigate to the Gradebook setup page by selecting Grades on the left menu and then Setup.

Non-Graded Category

Add a grade category by clicking on Add category below the Gradebook. Give it a name on the following page - e.g. Non-Graded - and ensure the Aggregation method is set to Weighted mean of grades. Select Save Changes.

Set Weight

Back on the Gradebook setup page set the weight field of the Non-Graded category to 0 and save the changes.

Move Gradebook Items

Select all the Gradebook items to be moved into the Non-Graded category by checking the checkboxes next to each item. Below the Gradebook there is a dropdown box - select the Non-Graded category from the options and the items will be moved to that category.


The items in the Non-Graded category will now not be counted towards the Paper total.

Demo Course

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