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Add audio comments

This page assumes that you have already set up a rubric in your assignment settings. If not, please click here

Note: You may have to check your audio input, and allow Turnitin to access your microphone when prompted.

  • In Feedback Studio, select the Feedback Summary icon on the right hand side of the page.

  • To record a comment, select the Record icon in the left of the Voice Comment box. The comment can be up to 3 minutes in length. Note: the center bar shows the voice input level.

  • To pause the recording, select the Pause icon on the left.

  • Once the recording is complete, select the Stop icon on the right to stop the recording. Select the Bin icon if you wish to delete the comment and start again.

  • After you stop the recording, a Save icon will appear on the right. Select this icon to save the recording. Select the Play icon on the left to listen to the recording. Note: the center bar now represents the length of the recording.

  • To move to the next assignment, use the blue arrows at the top right hand side of the page.
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