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Grade aggregation method


All new papers are set to Weighted mean of grades by default.

If you require your paper to be set to another aggregation method, please contact CeTTL.

If you have imported a paper that had been set to another method, you will get the error message below if you attempt to Setup gradebook using Wizard 2:

How to reset aggregation method

Turn editing on.
Go to Manage paper>gradebook setup>edit - at paper level (see screenshot below)An image of the top-most part of the Gradebook Setup --> Setup page, with the Edit at paper-level option highlighted
Choose Edit settings in the drop-down menu.
Then Grade category>aggregation
Change to Weighted mean of grades

Scroll down and Save changes.

Note: you can also see the aggregation method at the bottom of your Gradebook, under 'Paper total' - e.g. this one is set to Mean of grades, so should normally be changed.

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