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Enter marks for manual gradebook item

If your students are not submitting their work via Moodle, you can:

To grade these assessment types, enter manual marks directly into the Moodle gradebook.

  • You can use the Description text box in the Assignment Settings to remind students that they do not need to submit via Moodle. To show these instructions on the Moodle page, tick Display description on course page below the Description text box, then scroll down and select Save.

    display description text box

How to enter manual grades

Go to your Moodle paper, select Grades from the left hand menu, then follow one of the methods below. select grades

Method 1 - Grader report view

By default, selecting Grades takes you to the Grader report view. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the page to find the assessment, then select the text box in line with each student to enter their grade. To save, select the text box for another student, or click elsewhere on the screen, or press Return / Enter on your keyboard. enter manual grades 1

  • You can enter brief feedback in the right hand text box. After saving, only the grades will display. Grades and feedback will display for students in their Moodle>Grades>User report.
  • Saved manual grades will display with a yellow background.
  • You can change manual grades and feedback by re-selecting the box next to each student.

    update grades

Method 2 - Single view

  1. Select the Single view tab.

    select single view

  2. Open the Select grade item drop-down menu on the right of the page and select the relevant assessment.
    select assessment

  3. Enter grades in the Grade column and/or Feedback in the Feedback column.
  4. single view enter grades
    • If you are unable to enter or change a grade, tick the corresponding Override box, or select All next to Override at the top of the column.

  5. Scroll to the bottom to perform any Bulk inserts, e.g. zero for empty grades. Tick the Perform bulk insert box, then enter value in the Insert value text box.

    bulk insert

  6. Finally, select Save at the top or bottom right of the page, then Continue when prompted. The grades will automatically be recalculated.
    save manual grades
  • You can select the pencil icon to the left of each student to view all their grades in that paper.

    toggle view

  • You can also enter Single view for an assessment by selecting the pencil icon to the right of its name in the Grader report.

    single view with pencil icon
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