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Wizard 4: Review Gradebook

Tutorial Video

Step by Step Instructions

  1. At the top right hand side of your Moodle paper Turn editing on, then select the arrow to the right of Paper Setup Wizards to open the Wizards menu.
  2. Select 4. Review Gradebook.

  3. The next page shows your whole gradebook.
  4. Check:

    • There is a gradebook item for every assessment.
    • All gradebook items are inside a gradebook category.
    • The weightings and calculations for items, categories, and the paper total are correct.
    • The category weights add to 100.

      gradebook weights
  5. A. If you are happy with the current setup, select Exit at the bottom left and go back to the course main page.
    gradebook exit

    B. To add a new Category or Assessment Item, select Add Category or Add Assessment Item at the bottom left.
    gradebook add assessment

    C. To Edit category or assessment weights, move assessment items into category or within categories, or add categories or assignment items, select the red Edit Gradebook button at the bottom right of the page.
  6. Select OK in the popup window.
    edit gradebook popup
  7. This takes you to an editable view of the whole gradebook. This view can also be accessed via the left hand side menu on Moodle: select Grades, then the Setup tab. 

    grades setup tab

Note: Check your gradebook after adding new assessment items, to ensure they are in category and the weights are correct. This page is the easiest place to review your Moodle gradebook and make several types of edits.

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