Edit paper content

  1. Once your paper is set up and you can start to add and organise content. The six tabs at the start of the paper contents contain important information for the paper. All of your information will be contained in the Introduction tab to begin with so you will need to move it to the relevant tab.

  2. To move items across tabs first select Turn editing on then select the crosshairs icon next to the name of the item and a list will appear for you to choose the location to move it to.

  3. Other items in the paper content can be dragged and dropped between sections or between sections and tabs, by holding the crosshairs icon. Sections can also be moved in this way. The previous step is only necessary to move items between tabs.

  4. For a quick edit of the section headings select the pencil icon on the right, enter the new heading, the press the return key to save to save the changes.

  5. To edit the section select Edit then Edit topic.

    Here you will be able to edit the heading and the description of the topic, then select Save changes. It is best to add a paragraph summary of the section and learning outcomes here to support student engagement and understanding through the paper.

  6. To add a new section scroll to the end of the paper content and select Add topics.

    Choose the number of sections and select Add topics.

  7. Sections can be highlighted, hidden or deleted by selecting Edit in the section heading to access these options.

  8. Finally, activities and resources provide interactivity and content to a paper and can be added to a paper to enhance learning and the opportunity to provide a collaborative and supportive online environment. To do this select Add an activity and resource within the section it is to be placed.

Follow these links for an overview of the activities and resources you can add: