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Group Choice self sign-up

Use Group Choice to allow students to select tutorial times and other types of groups through Moodle.

  1. First, Create the groups.
    Note: To best display tutorial times or other important details for students, include these details in group names.
  2. After you have created all the groups, select the red Turn editing on button at the top right of your Moodle paper.
    turn editing on
  3. At the bottom left of the Introduction section or relevant week/topic, select Add an activity or resource .
  4. Select Group choice.

  5. Note: If the editing options below do not appear, make sure that you have selected Group Choice, not Choice.
    group choice

  6. Enter a Group choice name, e.g. Sign up for your tutorial.

  7. To limit the number of students in each tutorial or group, scroll down to Miscellaneous settings, then change Limit the number of responses allowed to Enable using the drop-down menu. 

    limit responses
  8. If you want all groups to have the same number of members, enter a  number in the General limitation box, then select Apply to all groups.

    limit all groups


    Leave the General Limitation box blank and see step 9 below to enter or edit individual group numbers.
  9. Scroll down to Groups. In the Available Groups box on the left, select the group or groups that you want to make available, then select Add Group. The group/s will appear in the Selected Groups box.

    select groups and add

    Note: If you have several groupings (groups of groups) in your paper, you can select a grouping name to add all of its groups at once, or Expand all groupings and choose individual groups.
  10. If you have elected to Limit the number of responses allowed (see step 6) a box will appear to the right of Selected Groups. Select each group and enter or edit the maximum number of members.
  11. Finally, scroll down and select Save and return to paper.
  12. Note:

    • Once the maximum number is reached, students will no longer be able to self-select into a group, but the teacher/lecturer can still add individual students to any group.
    • If you limit the number of responses allowed (step 6) but do not enter a maximum number for each group (step 7 or 9), the limit be zero and those tutorials will appear to students to be full.
Moodle and Panopto are unavailable every Thursday 7:00 am – 7:30 am.