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Moodle upgrade

Upgrade 11 November 2021

We have outlined below some of the changes in the upgrade that may be of interest to our lecturers and students.


There have been a number of changes to the default settings for quizzes.

1. Essay type questions now go through Turnitin by default.

2. Attempts allowed is now set to 1


3. Shuffle within questions is turned on.  This will only take effect if you have chosen to shuffle the questions when adding them to the quiz.

Shuffle questions

4. Review options are all turned off. You will need to select the relevant options when you are ready for the students to see their marks.

Review quiz

Archiving of older papers

We will also be moving old papers (2019 and older) to an archive.  They will still be available for you to access via an archive link in the Moodle menu.  From February this will be an annual process. Moodle will now hold papers from the current and previous year. Papers that are two to four years old will be easily available in the archive. Papers from five years ago or more will need to be requested if they need to be viewed.

Select Archived Papers from the top menu on any Moodle page.

Archived papers

Lessons and Workshops now available in the Assessments Block

If configured students will see due dates for Lessons and Workshops in the Assessments block.

Lessons and workshops in the assessment blcok

Student Activity completion

You can turn on greater visibility of activity completion requirements and due dates. These appear in the sections of the paper underneath the activities and within the activities.

Activity completion

and in the activities themselves.

Assignment to do

Assignment settings

Feedback files and Offline grading worksheet are now selected by default.

Assignment settings

Gradebook user report

The calculated weight column has been hidden from students because it was causing confusion. The default items in the user report are shown below.

Grader report

Accessibility review

This new Moodle block (only visible to the teaching staff) will run your paper through an accessibility check and produce a report with suggestions for your consideration. This report is also only visible to teaching staff.

1. In the paper you want to review, Turn editing on

Turn editing on button on the top right hand corner in Moodle

2. On the black menu scroll down to select Add a block

add a block

3. Select Accessibility review

Accessibility block

4. The new block will be on the right-hand side of your paper. Select Submit for analysis

Accessility review submit

5. A report will be generated, this may take some time.

Course scheduled for analysis

6. When the report is ready you will be able to view online or download it.
Acessibility report

Moodle and Panopto are unavailable every Thursday 7:00 am – 7:30 am.