Release notes

See the latest updates to Moodle at the University of Waikato.

Moodle updates released 24 July 2018

Enrolments and staff associations now show within 15 minutes

We are pleased to announce that Moodle has been enhanced to show student enrolments and staff associations within 15 minutes of their being updated in MyWaikato. Previously, staff and students had to wait overnight for new enrolments and associations to display. We hope this will provide a better Moodle experience for you.

Moodle updates released 5 July 2018

Favourites tab

Students and teachers can select papers from their current, future or past tabs to show under the new 'Favourites' tab. Add or remove papers from your favourites tab using the heart icon.

Manual enrolments disabled

Teachers will no longer be able to manually enrol students in their Moodle papers. This is to avoid differing enrolment data between Moodle and MyWaikato, which causes problems when marks are transferred between systems. Instead, all students need to enrol in their papers via MyWaikato; enrolment data will then be fed through to Moodle in an automatic overnight process.

Teachers will still be able to manually add tutors and other roles to their Moodle paper.

Hidden child papers removed from the dashboard

Hidden child papers that are combined into meta-papers no longer show on the staff or student dashboard. This removes the confusion of having two (or more) papers showing when teaching is delivered through the meta-paper. If the child paper is set to be visible, it will still show as per usual.

Previous view of dashboard with a 'hidden' child paper and meta-paper showing:

Automatic start and end dates for papers

Start and end dates for Moodle papers are now pulled from MyWaikato automatically, in line with semester dates. This is to create consistency of start and end dates across papers and Faculties, as these determine which papers show under the 'Current', 'Future' and 'Past' tabs on staff and student dashboards. These dates can no longer be edited.

Note that teachers can still choose to make their paper visible as soon as they are ready - visibility is separate from paper start and end dates.

'Hidden from students' text replaced with 'Closed to students'

Papers that are not yet open to students are still visible to them in their dashboard - so they are not actually hidden. We have changed the wording to reflect this.