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We've made some changes to Panopto

Panopto will provision automatically in new papers

The first time a user logs into a new paper in Moodle, Panopto will automatically provision that paper.
This is just for papers created after 1 July 2019.

If you need your paper to point to a different paper's Panopto recordings you still need to configure the Panopto block.
Go to the heading "To connect to another existing Panopto folder" here:

You can now access Panopto from the text editor

We've added a Panopto icon to the text editor in Moodle so that you can add Panopto videos directly:

When you click on it you can Choose a video in the folder you are viewing, Upload a video to Panopto, or Record a video immediately into Panopto:

The Panopto button is not the same as the media button  or   that allows you to insert a link, a video, or audio.


If you get the error below when you click on the Panopto button it's because your paper hasn't been provisioned

Go into the Panopto block for the paper and provision the course as described here:

Once the Panopto block has been provisioned you will be able to use the Panopto button in the text editor.

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