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How to type in Māori on Windows and Mac


  1. Navigate to the Control Panel, select Clock, Language and Region and then Language.
  2. If the Māori language is not there select Add a language.
  3. Select Reo Māori (under "M") and select Add.
  1. Once you’ve added Māori, go to the Advanced settings.

  2. Select Use the desktop language bar when it's available. Select Save at the bottom of the Window.

  3. The language bar pops up on the right end of your taskbar. You can turn on the Māori keyboard by selecting Maori (New Zealand).
  4. Once you have the Māori keyboard on. You can with Māori macrons by using the backtick ( ` ) key and then the vowel you want after. For example: `A becomes Ā, `u becomes ū. The backtick key is the key before 1, with the ~.


  1. Go to the Keyboard settings in System preferences.

  2. Select Input Sources then the plus button to add a new keyboard.
  3. Search for the Māori keyboard by scrolling down or using the search box, select it then select Add.

  4. Make sure you have the Show Input menu in menu bar ticked.
  5. Once you have added the Māori keyboard, a new icon should appear in the top right of the menu bar. If you want to type Māori macrons, select the Māori input from that menu.

Now you can type macrons by using the backtick key ( ` , next to the 1 key) and then the vowel you want. For example `A becomes Ā.

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