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Meet the e-Tuts!

The e-Tuts team is a group of University of Waikato students who are here to help staff and students in their use of teaching and learning technology tools.

Student Learning Week 17- 21 May:

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Aasiya Ather

Assalamu'alaikum! I’m Aasiya and I’m in my second year of a communications degree. I enjoy working as an e-tut as I learn something new everyday! When I’m not working or studying, I like to watch films, make cheesecake and do art!

Hardik Mistry

Namaste and how's it going??? I'm Hardik and i'm currently doing a business degree. I'm a very open person and love getting to know new people. I'm really into cars and am a massive neared.

Meimuna Zahido

Assalam Alaikum and Konnichiwa! I'm Meimuna Zahido from Japan. Currently I am in my second year of a Bachelor of Arts, double majoring psychology and linguistics. I am super happy to work in this team as I can learn new things every time. In my free time, I usually go shopping, hang out with friends, and try to relax :)

Morgan Beere

Hi! I'm Morgan. I am in my second year studying towards a civil engineering degree and am looking forward to working as an e-Tut this year! I love food, coffee, the outdoors and everything else in between.

Sterling Magele-Fatuamaka

Warm pacific greetings & everything that welcomes you, my name is Sterling Magele-Fatuamaka and I've travelled around the sun 20 times. I am a New Zealand born half Samoan and half Niuean. Currently in my second year doing a BA studying a double major in Sociology and Political Science. Grateful for the opportunity to work in this space. I prefer informal settings and contexts so I don't have to worry too much about formalities. Anime is op


William Harlow

[Generic formal greeting here]. I am a third year student finishing a BSc in Chemistry & Molecular Biology. I am very patient and happy to work through any technological issues you may have. When not working or studying I am playing trombone or french horn.

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