Add or embed Panopto videos in Moodle

Any recordings in your paper's Panopto folder will appear in the Panopto block. In addition, within the main part of your Moodle page you may wish to:
  1. add a link to the video, or
  2. embed the video.

Adding a link

1. Go to and view your course folder.
2. Hover over a recording will present a "Share" option; Click Share and copy the link.
3. Return to Moodle and Add an activity or resource in the appropriate topic.
4. Choose URL and paste in your link.
5. Click Save changes
(You could also create a simple html link using the editor anywhere in your course).

Embedding a video

1. Go to and view your course folder.

2. Click the Embed link and copy it.

3. Return to Moodle.

4. Edit a section or topic heading.

5. Select the "Edit HTML source" button <> on the editor toolbar (you may need to expand your toolbar by first clicking the "Toolbar Toggle" button in the top left of the editor)

6. Paste in that embed code from your clipboard

7. Click Save changes.