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Online Assessment Strategies Series 2022

Feedback for Assessment: Exploring the Aspects of Student and Teacher Feedback Literacy and the Improvements in Student Work

Wasana Karunarathne and Tracii Ryan University of Melbourne

Presenter: Dr Wasana Karunarathne (University of Melbourne)

12:10pm – 1:00pm, Friday 16 September

The workshop will be fully online and the Zoom link is:

Format: 20 minutes presentation, followed by discussion.

FULL abstract of the presentation:

Feedback in higher education is an area of increasing research interest (Dawson et. al, 2019). For feedback to be effective, it is essential to position students as active players in the feedback process (Molly, Boud and Henderson, 2019). Feedback literacy plays a vital role in this attempt to shift toward more learner-centered feedback practices. This paper uses conceptual models of feedback literacy that have been developed by Carless and Boud (2018) for student feedback literacy and Carless and Winstone (2020) for teacher feedback literacy. Teacher feedback literacy is built on the knowledge, expertise, and dispositions to design feedback processes in ways that enable student uptake of feedback and seed the development of student feedback literacy. According to the student feedback literacy framework, feedback literate students demonstrate four key characteristics: they appreciate feedback, make judgments by evaluating feedback, effectively manage emotional equilibrium related to feedback, and take appropriate actions in response to the given feedback. During this presentation, I will discuss the aspects of teacher and student feedback literacy in the context of a first-year undergraduate statistics subject in a Bachelor of Commerce Program. I will discuss how important feedback has been to improve students’ performance in an authentic assessment task that requires students to write a discipline-specific data analysis report in groups (between 1-4).

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