NorBOL prize for University of Waikato student

21 August 2015

At the recent 6th International Barcode of Life conference held at the University of Guelph in Canada, University of Waikato MSc student Clare Beet was awarded the Norwegian Barcode of Life (NorBOL) Prize for Excellence in Polar Research for her talk entitled: Assessing the distribution and genetic diversity of Antarctic spingtainls (Collembola) using DNA barcoding.

Project launches animal barcodes

8 October 2010

An international project to introduce a 'barcode' system to identify all animal species has been officially launched in Canada. Waikato University's Dr Ian Hogg was New Zealand's representative at the four-day meeting of the International Barcode of Life steering committee in Guelph, Ontario in late September.

Waikato biologist barcodes life in international project

20 September 2010

Imagine a catalogue of life at your fingertips; finding the name of any animal, plant, fungus or organism in an instant, without having to search through reference or guide books.