• Polluted, drained, and drying out: new warnings on New Zealand’s rivers and lakes (17 April 2020)

    The latest environmental report on New Zealand’s lakes and rivers reiterates bleak news about the state of freshwater ecosystems, and warns that climate change will exacerbate existing threats.

  • Waikato Data Scientists awarded $13 million (23 October 2019)

    Data scientists at the University of Waikato have been awarded $13 million from the Government.

  • Celebrating Lakes Resilience (6 September 2019)

    A four-year MBIE-funded research programme led by the University’s Environmental Research Institute and School of Science comes to an end this year.

  • Beware the zombie river (18 July 2019)

    New Zealanders are in danger of creating “zombie” rivers, because we’re locking our waterways into position between stopbanks and impounding their headwaters.

  • Good science in in the Bay (20 March 2019)

    University students win scholarships to study green-lipped mussel habitats nd nutrient concentrations in Bay of Plenty harbours.

  • Through the lens of isotopes (27 November 2018)

    Dr Adam Hartland is planning to establish what the environmental impact of the heavy metal cadmium is on New Zealand’s agricultural and aquatic systems.

  • Nature in the city (12 October 2018)

    University of Waikato and EIT, working together to improve ecological restoration, particularly in urban areas.

  • Saving kōkako in Pureora Forest (21 September 2018)

    Last weekend, the Waikato Science Club kicked off Conservation Week with a volunteering trip at Pureora Forest Park.

  • Our city as a living laboratory (21 September 2018)

    Research Officer Dr Kiri Wallace will talk about effective methods for kick-starting native tree regeneration at the Tauranga Urban Restoration Workshop on Friday 5 October.

  • Lakes seen from space (23 August 2018)

    Waikato researchers produce the first New Zealand wide assessment of lake colours from space.

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