Professor Craig Cary

Theme leader: Antarctic Ecosystems

Qualifications: BSc Florida Institute of Technology, MSc San Diego State, PhD University of California

Professor Craig Cary is a microbial ecologist with an interest in researching bacteria which live in extreme environments, such as deep sea thermal vents and the soils of Antarctica. He heads the International Centre for Terrestrial Antarctic Research (ICTAR) in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and has made eight research trips to Antarctica since 2001. His work on terrestrial Antarctic biocomplexity was awarded an International Polar Year award in 2007. Dr Cary's current research projects also include deep sea hydrothermal vent research, lake restoration work, and toxic sea slugs. He is based at the Thermophile Research Unit, University of Waikato and is Emeritus Professor of Marine Biosciences as the University of Delaware in the USA.

Research Interests

  • Antarctic Systems
  • Environmental DNA (eDNA)
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Oceanography
  • Terrestrial Systems


Microbial Ecology

Recent Publications

  • Monteiro, M. R., Marshall, A. J., Hawes, I., Lee, C. K., McDonald, I. R., & Cary, S. C. (2022). Geochemically defined space-for-time transects successfully capture microbial dynamics along Lacustrine chronosequences in a Polar desert. Frontiers in Microbiology, 12. doi:10.3389/fmicb.2021.783767 Open Access version:

  • Wagner, M., Brunauer, G., Bathke, A. C., Cary, S. C., Fuchs, R., Sancho, L. G., . . . Ruprecht, U. (2021). Macroclimatic conditions as main drivers for symbiotic association patterns in lecideoid lichens along the Transantarctic Mountains, Ross Sea region, Antarctica. Scientific Reports, 11(1). doi:10.1038/s41598-021-02940-6

  • de Jesus, H. E., Carreira, R. S., Paiva, S. S. M., Massone, C., Enrich-Prast, A., Peixoto, R. S., . . . Rosado, A. S. (2021). Microbial succession under freeze–thaw events and its potential for hydrocarbon degradation in nutrient-amended antarctic soil. Microorganisms, 9(3), 1-16. doi:10.3390/microorganisms9030609

  • Nayfach, S., Roux, S., Seshadri, R., Udwary, D., Varghese, N., Schulz, F., . . . Fortunato, C. S. (2021). Publisher Correction: A genomic catalog of Earth’s microbiomes (Nature Biotechnology, (2021), 39, 4, (499-509), 10.1038/s41587-020-0718-6). Nature Biotechnology, 39(4), 520. doi:10.1038/s41587-020-00769-4

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Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: TRU.G.23
Phone: +64 7 838 4593