Associate Professor Fiona Petchey

Director - Radiocarbon Dating

Qualifications: MA(Hons) Anthropology Auckland, DPhil Waikato

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Radiocarbon is an environmental isotope that gives us a unique insight into changing environmental conditions and I have a specific interest in the impact on humans, and the impact of humans, as they moved through the South Pacific, beginning around 3500 years in the Bismarck Archipelago and ending in the remote island of New Zealand. Specifically, my research involves the application of radiocarbon (14C) to the improvement of archaeological chronologies by the investigation of site taphonomy and the investigation of paleoenvironmental offsets in shell and bone 14C ages.

Research Interests

  • Environmental Technology
  • Maori Research
  • Marine systems


Anthropology; Radiocarbon Dating

Archaeological science

Recent Publications

  • Ó Drisceoil, C., & Petchey, F. (2021). Radiocarbon dating. In C. Ó Drisceoil, & A. Walsh (Eds.), Materialising Power: The Archaeology of the Black Pig's Dyke, Co. Monaghan (pp. 70-83). Wordwell Ltd.

  • Higham, C. F. W., Higham, T. F. G., & Petchey, F. (2021). Introduction and chronology. In The Origins of the Civilization of Angkor: The Excavation of Non Ban Jak (Vol. VII, pp. 6 pages). Bangkok, Thailand: Fine Arts Department.

  • David, B., Fresløv, J., Mullett, R., Delannoy, J. J., Petchey, F., Land, G. K., . . . Ash, J. (2021). Paradigm shifts and ontological turns at Cloggs Cave, GunaiKurnai Country, Australia. In Ontologies of Rock Art: Images, Relational Approaches, and Indigenous Knowledges (pp. 135-160).

  • David, B., Arnold, L. J., Delannoy, J. J., Fresløv, J., Urwin, C., Petchey, F., . . . Hellstrom, J. (2021). Late survival of megafauna refuted for Cloggs Cave, SE Australia: Implications for the Australian Late Pleistocene megafauna extinction debate. Quaternary Science Reviews, 253, 15 pages. doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2020.106781

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Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: C.G.01A
Phone: +64 7 838 4278