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Academic Staff:



Prof. Chris Battershill
Ph: 07 557 0481

Marine science; coastal science; environmental science; marine biosystematics; marine biodiversity; marine conservation; marine ecology; marine microbiology; chemical ecology; environmental toxicology; environmental impacts; marine biodiscovery; aquaculture; temperate reefs; tropical reefs; Antarctic marine science Chris Battershill
Dr Philip Ross
Ph: 07 571 2951
Temperate soft sediment and rocky reef ecosystems; marine community ecology and molecular ecology. Disturbance, dispersal, recruitment and recovery in marine ecosystems; connectivity among fragmented populations of New Zealand’s coastal benthos (primarily marine invertebrates)  Phil Ross
A Prof. Karin Bryan
Ph: 07 838 4123
Morphological change and wave properties on beaches; Near-bed and swash zone sedimentation processes; Estuarine sediments, in particular suspended flocculated material Karin Bryan
Dr Willem de Lange
Ph: 07 838 4466
ext 8239
Oceanography, coastal processes and climatic hazards; tsunami and storm surge prediction and mitigation; wave-induced sediment transport on the continental shelf and within estuaries; dispersal of materials in the coastal zone; numerical modelling Willem-De-Lang
Dr Vicki Moon
Ph: 07 838 4466
ext 8508
Geomechanics and engineering geology, particularly soft rocks; volcanic and pyroclastic materials; weathering; mass wasting of weathered and altered rocks; soil erosion from development sites Vicki-Moon
A Prof. Conrad Pilditch
Ph: 07 838 4466
ext 6132
Benthic oceanography/ecology; hydrodynamics and benthic organisms interactions affecting sediment transport, recruitment, nutrient fluxes and food supply Conrad-Pilditch
Dr Julia Mullarney
Ph: 07 838 4597
Physical oceanography, coastal ocean dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics; mixing and turbulence processes in coastal environments; vegetation dynamics Julia Mullarney
Dr Craig Cary
Ph: 07 838 4593
Comparative physiology, biochemistry and ecology of microbial communities, with a focus on free-living syntrophic bacterial associations in extreme environments including hydrothermal vents and Antarctic soils. Interfacing new bioinformatic capabilities with genomic technologies in the metagenome analysis of complex microbial communities. Thermal stability of eurythermal proteins Craig Carey

Dr Adam Hartland
Ph: 64 7 838 4466
ext 8527

All aspects of aqueous chemistry and geochemistry, including: Trace element bio-geochemistry; Hydro-geochemistry; Environmental archives and Organic compounds

Adam Hartland

Dr Michele Prinsep
Ph: 64 7 838 4466
ext 8902

Natural products chemistry, particularly that of New Zealand marine bryozoans and terrestrial cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) Michele Prinsep

Professor Chad Hewitt
Ph: 64 7 838 4386

Dean of the School of Science  
Dr Johan
Ph: 64 7 838 4947
Using renewable and waste materials to produce polymeric composites; filled and functionally filled polymers; polymer modification and reactive extrusion; biodegradable polymers and the prediction of mechanical properties of polymer composites Johan Verbeek
Dr Steve Bird
Ph: 64 7 838 4386
Senior Lecturer (Biological Sciences)  
A Prof. Nicholas Ling
Ph: 64 7 838 4466
ext 6039
Associate Professor (Biological Sciences).
Comparative animal physiology, particularly the physiology and biomechanical behaviour of muscleand connective tissues. Environmental physiology, including the effects of environmental changes and pollutants on physiological systems.
Nicholas Ling

Technical & Support Staff:



David Culliford
Ph: 07 578 5936

Anthropogenic effects on coastal marine ecosystems

David Culliford

Rex Fairweather Ph: 07 578 5936

Marine invertebrate ecology and taxonomy Rex Fairweather
Dudley Bell
Ph: 07 838 4104
Marine, Behavioural and Antarctic Science Dudley Bell
Dirk Immenga
Ph: 07 858 5032
Sea floor mapping, Hydrography, Technical diving Dirk Immenga

Warrick Powrie
Ph: 64 7 838 4424

Technician Warrick Powrie
Chris Morcom
Ph: 64 7 838 4466
ext 8724
Advanced Technician Chris Morcom

Dean Sandwell
Ph: 64 7 838 4946

Advanced Technician Dean Sandwell

Research Collaborators:



Dr Keith Gregor
Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
Tropical reef biology and ecology

Keith Gregor

Dr Simon Muncaster
Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
Finfish aquaculture

Simon Muncaster