Upcoming ERI Seminars - 2023

(Usually every other Wednesday from 12:00 to 13:00)

Note: During alert levels, some seminar presentations may proceed in an online-only format.

SpeakerDate & TimeRoomTitle/TopicRegistration Link
Dr. Luke HarringtonWed 15 March, Noon-1pmS.G.01 (Hamilton)“What does a climate crisis look like?”TBA
Dr. Marie MagnussonWed 17 May, Noon-1pmTBATBC: Seaweed for methane mitigationTBA

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Past Seminars and Recordings (2022/2021)

SpeakerDate & TimeTitleRecording
Aleicia Holland
(La Trobe University)
9 Nov 2022"Down the rabbit hole of dissolved organic matter in freshwater ecosystems" 
Prof Conrad Pilditch19 Oct 2022“The cumulative effects of multiple stressors – Erosion of resilience in coastal ecosystems”Link
Zhonghou Xu (NIWA)14 Sept 2022"Tsunami damage to New Zealand breakwaters - An experimental case study"Link
Prof Mark Denny (Stanford University)30 Aug 2022"Coping with unpredictable environmental extremes: Insights from intertidal copepods and limpets" 
Dr. Earl Bardsley17 Aug 2022“Onslow pumped storage and the green transition:
energy, the environment, and climate change adaptation”
Dr. Phil Mourot10 Aug 2022"A real-time flood impact prediction tool: from models to deployment in a multi-source environment"Link
Dr Chelsea Vickers (VUW)8 June 2022

“Algal microbiome enzymes: What are they and how can we use them for production of high value products and biocontrol agents?”

Dr Mike Packer (Cawthron Institute)11 May 2022

Algal Biotechnology: Application in Environmental Science and Protection

Dr. Julie Deslippe1 December 2021"Alpine ecosystem change" 
Dr. Janine Krippner17 November 2021"They said what??! Navigating science communication in the age of social media and scary headlines"Link
Prof Iain White &
Dr. Christina Hanna
3 November 2021"Managed Retreat(s) and the science-policy-practice interface" 
Dr. Rebecca Lawton22 September 2021"Algal Bioremediation: A novel biological treatment method for nutrient rich wastewater" 
Tame Malcolm (Te Tira Whakamātaki)8 September 2021“Mātauranga Māori and Biosecurity” 
Dr. Kiri Wallace
& BioHeritage Eco-Index Team
25 August 2021"The BioHeritage Eco-Index: a programme to guide investment in biodiversity" 
Dr. Adele Williamson28 July 2021"Replication and Repair Under Extreme Conditions: Lessons from Bacterial Super-Survivors" 
Anne Gaskett14 July 2021“Sensory ecology of seabirds and orchids” 
Dr. Stephen Archer30 June 2021"Steps towards understanding the atmospheric microbiome" 
Dr Charlotte Alster16 June 2021"Assessing the temperature response of soil microbes to a changing climate" 
A/Prof Taciano Milfont2 June 2021"The psychology of environmental protection and exploitation" 
Prof Troy Baisden19 May 2021"Developing dual-isotope nitrate studies to understand the sources and fate of excess nitrogen in Aotearoa's freshwaters" 

Akuhata Bailey-Winiata

Megan Pareue Ranapia

Tyla Jade Kettle

5 May 2021"Potential exposure of coastal marae and urupā in Aotearoa New Zealand to sea level rise"

"A co-developed mātauranga Māori and science approach to inform marine research and management: A case study of the eleven-armed starfish, pātangaroa (Coscinasterias muricata) overabundance in Ōhiwa Harbour, Aotearoa New Zealand"

"Mātauranga Māori to inform understanding of population dynamics and health of pipi in Waihi estuary, Bay of Plenty"
A/Prof Melanie Ooi21 April 2021"Vision systems for the inspection of plants: Why we do it, and why we fail" 
Moritz Lehmann24 March 2021"Horizontal Variability in Lakes: Satellite-based assessment and implications for management" 
A/Prof Caroline Williams10 March 2021"Changing winters: The critical importance of snow"