Inaugural Professorial Lecture Series

The Inaugural Professorial Lecture Series at the University of Waikato introduces our newest professors to the community and gives them a chance to demonstrate how their work is having a real impact on the world around us.

2018 Series
Professor Mere Berryman
Professor Troy Baisden
Professor Samuel Charlton
Professor Karin Bryan
Professor Michael Walmsley
Professor Rangi Matamua
Professor Don Klinger
Professor Tim Coltman
Professor James Brasington
2017 Series
Professor Mike Duke
Professor Devon Polaschek
Professor Grant Hammond
Professor Ian Hawes
Professor Yifan Chen
Professor Mark Dyer
Professor Maryanne Garry
2016 Series
Professor Brendan Hokowhitu
Professor David Bainbridge
Professor Conrad Pilditch
Professor Ross Lawrenson
Professor Graeme Doole
Professor Alan St Clair Gibson
Professor Kim King
Professor Grant Samkin
Professor Marnie Campbell
2015 Series
Professor John Williams
Professor Kathryn Pavlovich
Professor Cathy Coleborne
Professor Chad Hewitt
Professor Rich Masters
Professor Bernhard Pfahringer
Professor Linda Nikora
Professor Priya Kurian
2014 Series
Professor Stuart Locke
Professor Bronwen Cowie
Professor Kim Pickering
Professor Michèle Akoorie
Professor Brendan Hicks
Professor Robert Hannah
Professor Iain White
2013 Series
Professor Michael Peters
Professor Vic Arcus
Professor Louis Schipper
Professor Ilanko Ilanko
Professor Neil Boister
Professor Chris Branson
Professor Debashish Munshi

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